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In London 1d. Outside London 1 1/2 d.

Third Volume


Subscription Price: Quarterly, Postage included 1/6 In America 40c.–In France 2 fr. Advertisements are accepted in the editorial offices, attn. Herr Krantz, for the same low rates.

The Editorial Office: 40, Berner St., Commercial Rd., E. Address articles to P. Krantz Subscription Management is also to be found at the same address. Payments and business letters to P. Krantz.

"If I am not for myself, who then is for me?"

Appears every Friday

[Column 1]

To our agents and subscribers: We ask all of our agents and subscribers to send us their exact addresses, because we will print them for the new year and every change will cost 3 pence.

To the Friends and Readers of "The Worker's Friend"

We report with great joy that as of the new year, the Worker's Friend will appear in 8 pages. Finally we will realize our longtime wish, to enlarge the paper, the general pager of the worker's interests.

Only three years ago did the young child first see the world. How weak and delicate it was at its birth! It's parents' wishes for a long life were weak and unsure! But only a year later – all doubts disappeared.

With each day, the child took on more strength and at a year and a half, its voice was already reaching the working masses and found resonance in their embittered hearts.

Now three years ahave passes and the weak child of the working people has, despite all the persecutions of it's blood enemies, despite the swindles and conspiracies of the big Jewish moneybags, become a strong and mighty man.

When we consider this fact, we must say that the W. F. has, in the time of its existence, not merely been preaching in the wilderness and the Jewish working masses have recognized that the paper is exclusively devoted to defending their true interests and that only because of that have they given it their trust and support.

For a long time now, our readers have expressed their wishes for a larger "Worker's Friend", so that the workers would better be able to express their opinions and have more reading material. This wish has grown and with the help of our friends, we are now in the position to enlarge the paper.

The W.F. will remain the same in its socialist revolutionary program, at the same price, but it will cover more of the issues of workers' unions and groups as well as political, court, and general news. The literary part of the paper is also supplied with outstanding talents. It will include more editorials on questions of the day, political overviews, world news, current events in the workers' movement, reports, scientific articles, good columnists, interesting short stories, and so forth. Scientific articles will also be written by a friend of ours, an Englishman learned in chemistry.

We hope that with the 8 page W.F. we will satisfy our readers, and that everyone will find in it something for his reading interests.

[Column 2]

We are convinced that enlarging the W.F. will cause much pain for our beloved Jewish moneybags, and they will strive in every way to harm the paper, just as they have done up to now, but what has the W.F. to fear from them, when it has masses of workers backing it up?

We have done and will continue to do everything in our power to make the W.F. interesting from a literary standpoint. Many friends have stepped up and helped with its economic condition. We shall now strive to keep the paper a true worker's friend. If all our friends will do their part and live up to their obligation to support us, the paper will live a long time. Don't forget, that publishing the paper will now cost twice as much, but the subscription price remains the same.

Our friends, who have recognized the W.F as the one true defender of their interests, will certainly rejoice heartily together with us at the paper's growth, but they must not forget, that for it to remain a strong force in the fight, they have a serious obligation to help continue its existence.

The editor

Our Diary

Very interesting are the remarks of the ex-president of the United States, Cleveland, in his last address to the Congress and the American people. The former president explained at length the political and economic situation of America and he showed the horrible changes [אוסבייטועג] of the working people through the capitalists. He touched on the terrible monopoly that falls into ever fewer hands; and how the working class sinks ever lower into bottomless poverty and how it is dying in terrible loneliness and want. And when the workers cry and complain about their sad condition, the government says that they are communists, socialists, and they are persecuted even further. Such an economic situation, Cleveland says, is shameful. It is shameful, he continues, that the government does not protect the poor, who elected it for that very purpose. In regard to the country's important question, he says that the government must resist giving the new territories to monopolies and speculators and see that they go to true earth workers [אקער בויער] and farmers.

Naturally, this speech caused a great upset among the capitalist classes, and many capitalist papers naturally sought to twist the thing, opining that the former president spoke out of anger at not being re-elected. But as it stands, one way or the other, it is a fact, that the president gave a truly radical, even socialist, sermon and thereby made fine propaganda for us. It further shows us that socialist ideas are so widespread, that even the capitalists themselves must, when they forget themselves, speak unwillingly [אונווילקירליך] of socialism and its goals. On the other hand, it opens the eyes of the unknowing masses, who must finally come to the conclusion that we do not call to them in vain and they will reward us with more

[Column 3]

trust. The people are still unfortunately so dumb, that they place the highest importance on the words of a president or minister, and almost doesn't want to hear when a worker makes the same pronouncement, even if he says it better and more clearly. So we place great importance on President Cleveland's address. Such addresses are seldom given by capitalist leaders.

The Chicago capitalist newspapers are now making a huge outcry over the growth of anarchism, primarily the socialist sunday schools for children. They cry, that the children are there taught not to believe in God and in Hell, not to believe in the Bible and not to believe in the church, and they are taught that their civilization, their ideas, their system is nothing more than lies and swindles and so forth. We must use every method at our disposal, cries the Chicago Daily News, to hinder this dangerous societal sickness. "If there are laws in this land to compel the open enemies to end their horrible work, they must be applied in the strongest ways possible, and if there are no such laws, then it's high time to make them. The time to insure our future is not tomorrow or next year, but today." The capitalist paper in Chicago makes such cries over the revolutionary progress in America. But over the murder of our friends, the same prostitute-newspapers cried, that anarchism is already dead, that "society" can finally live in peace. And now they themselves confess, that said peace is sad for them. But we don't need to tell them. We say each day, that the time is not far, when the rule of the parasite classes will end and the workers will cease to be slaves.

The bloodsucker class still tells itself, that by using force against the people, it will be able to avoid the defeat that surely awaits it. Even so the leaders of Chicago condemned the Bohemian friend JOHN HRONEK [sp?] to twelve years in prison, because he, with three others, as those powers have imagined, made bombs in order to kill the JUDGE GARRY [sp?], the prosecuting attorney GRINELL [sp?] and the inspector BONFIELD, because they killed our Chicago friends. So another offering from these wild animals, but as the saying goes, The jug [קרוג] floats on the water until it sinks. This jug [?] full of the people's suffering is already sunken to its neck; soon it will be completely full and then will come the cry: Down with you, parasites! You have infected the air long enough. People who produce have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labors, and you, leeches, must disappear together with your swindle and theft.

The capitalist newspapers of all civilized lands now mourn, like religious Jews mourn the destruction of the temple, how the old leader of the Paris Commune, Clousere [sp?], has now been elected as a member in the French Parliament for the province of Var [sp?]. Clousere played an big role in the Paris Commune and was noted several times in the the Commune issue of the W.F. It is, these newspapers say, horrible to see, how these revolutionaries of 1871, instead of disappearing, creep yet into the parliament to increase their numbers already seated there. And we, for our part, say, it pleases [...]

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