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[Column 1]

Free Nature

The bird has the freedom to fly,
To eat enough to be sated
The rose, the freedom to bloom
With true colors, without deception,

The bear its lair in winter,
The swallow its summer nest;
They freely leave these behind
When the winter frosts have ended.

Freely the lilies grow in the fields;
Freely nature reigns over all.
Freely the trees grow in the woods.
There is not even a trace of someone ruling over them

Freely the sun illuminates for all
And shines wonderfully and beautifully.

On weakness [as well as] on greatness and power.

Nature gives us what is right
For everyone: not too much, just enough.
It doesn’t differentiate between weakness and power,
Between the poor, the strong or the wealthy.



It is only people who make things unequal, And do what others regret, Drowning in egoistical weakness. Oh, how much longer must this go on?

S. Freeman


Letterbox: From the editors

To D. B. ____: We have received your article and will publish it in the first eight-page [issue] of W. F. We would very much appreciate it if you would deliver __________. We would especially hope that you would use your talent to write more frequently for the W. F. Send to our current address:

International Workers’ Education-Club 40 Berner St., Commercial Rd. Friday, evening, reading by Gen. Krants on the French Revolution Reading of the minutes from 8 to 9 o’clock Reading for others [non-members] at 9 o’clock Saturday evening Lecture by Gen. V-Rg. Everyone is free to come and listen to the lecture Sunday evening, amusements as usual

Every Monday and Thursday evening at 9 o’clock Free English lessons


Special members meeting is called by Harry Kapelanski, Max Shtrashunski and Fridenthal, Sunday the 16th of December at 3 o’clock about important matters. All members are asked to be punctual The Club Committee


Club: “Freedom Knights” Meeting every Saturday evening at 6 o’clock at 7 Spelman Street Spitalfields, London. E. Financial and Business Letters [should be] addressed to E. Ritterman


London Tailors’ and Machinists’ Society Meets every Sunday evening at 7:30 in “Man in the moon”, Plough-st., Commercial Rd.


The Jewish Carpenters’ Apprentice Union Meets every Saturday evening at Public House 69 Brick Lane, E.

[Column 2]

Subcription for Flekhanov. Received from R. 1---- *** 1--- S. Fridman 3 pence Il 1—


Public Meeting Called by Cigarette Makers’ and Tabacco Cutters’ Union In the Hebrew Dramatic Club 3 Princess Street On Sunday the 16th December 1888 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon About Former Secretary Rakhman At that time the rule books will also be given out to the members All workers are asked to come all together


New York, America Monday the 24th Dec. at 8 o’clock in the evening A large ball will take place in John Meyer’s Hall 255 Court Street Sponsored by the Revolutionary Press Organized by the Continuing Education Union Tickets 15 cents All our friends are invited The Committee Hebrew Dramatic Club


3 Princess Street Spitalfields The Committee announces to our honored members and friends that on Tuesday the 18th of December 1888 there will take place For the benefit of a lady cirgarette maker A very big presentation, The very beloved play: “The Immigrant from Rokov” Two Russian singers as well as Mr. Barenshteyn will present songs and comedic dances at the end of the concert and ball will start at 8 o’clock


Lead America We want to announce to all of our readers and friends in America that we have turned over the main running of “Workers’ Friend” for all of America to the group: Pioneers of Freedom in New York. Matters of finance and other business dealings in America should be referred to the following address: B. Rudashevsky, 125, Norfolk St. New York. We are letting all of our friends and readers know that we have turned over the running of “Newark and Vicinity” in America to the Newark “Workers’ Friend” Committee. Matters of finance and other business dealings in America should be referred to the following address: Isidor Priluzka, 39 Prince Street top floor Newark, N. J.


One can purchase the “Workers’ Friend” at H. Adlerm Corn, Essex & Grand St. New York. Silbeguide, 83, Canal Street M. Freeman, 429 Lombard St. Philadelphia, Pa. J. Dyshe, 3, Little Templar Street, Leeds. M. Jacobson, 1 House, 6 Court, Dukenfield St., Liverpool. H. Dorson, Upper Union St, 4, Alcove Place, Hull. P. Roberts, 39 Lord St., Cheetham, Manchester. J. Rosenthat, 33 Pitts Street, Boston, U. S. A. N. Feingold, 23 Lowel St. “ Simon Cohen, 1 Kirkland St. “ M. Eyges, 46, Norman St. “ R. Lazarus, 823, Briddle St. St. Louis, Mo. Schabschelovitz, 131, Lafayette St., New Haven, D. Bernstein,, 4, rue de Ecouffes, Paris, France Bilenky 28, rue Simart, Paris. B. Feignenbaum, 29 ½ rue Dambrogge, Antverp. Just Published! “The Individual Beast” Translated an Reworked in Good and Easy Yiddish B. Feigenbaum A very interesting brochure -- price 2 p. postage free [sic] 2 ½ p.


“Freiheit” Anarchist-Communist Mag. Post Office Box 3135, 167 William Street New York, USA Quarterly price 50 cts. –2 sh[illings] -- 2 marks –2 ½ fr[ancs]

[Column 3]

Good Fine 4/- Turkish Tobacco [along side] Come buy Try samples Since we have now gotten a large amount of tobacco very inexpensively, we cam sell it less expensively that all the other Turkish Manufacturers in England. We sell Turkish tobacco for 4/- to 15/- a pound. We supply our customers with all sorts of printers’ papers, labels and boxes At cost. We produce a large stock of cigarettes, brilliants and cigars—the largest manufacturer of Turkish tobacco in all of England. Drapkin & Millhoff 24 Aldgate, E. C.


[Along right side] Corn’s Kosher Restaurant 19 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, London [Along left side] J. Corn, 19 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, E [In the center box] Whoever wants the best food at the least expensive prices in London, Whoever wants to read Russian, Rumanian, Austrian and all the London newspapers, Whoever likes to play billiards, Whoever wants to be in the nicest place, Should go to J. Corn


The London Material Cutters Workers’ Company Is having a general banquet for All hand tailoring work For wages The corporation is not looking to make a profit. It only wants to get the wages that a worker earns in a sweatshop. The profit remains with the one who orders the work. The best work is done in a clean and _________ place. The corporation produces the best tailoring work. All orders are accepted At S. Goldman, 130 Rothschild’s Building Commercial St. London Bona-fide Tailors Company 130 Rothschild’s Buildings, Commercial Street, E


I ask every friend of humanity, if he meets a man named Khonon Veits, a tailor from Shvintson, approximately 27 years of age ,of medium height with a round face, small black eyes, black-gray hair and mustache, one shoulder [?] higher than the other—please let me know and do a great, good deed. Morris Hacker 11, Pelham Sr., Spitalfields, London


Lessons in English—Terms moderate, Apply A. B. Office of “Worker’s Friend.”


Socialist Literature The following brochure, “The Socialist Library in Yiddish-German Can be bought in the Expedition and at the “Workers’ Friend” agency. “What One Lives On” 2 1/1 pennies “Uncle Lovrov and the Jewish Worker” price: 1 penny “The Debate” two volumes, price in London 2 pence in the provinces 3 pence; in America 6 cents “The Haggadah” in a new edition, price 2 pence with postage 2 1/2 p. “Lamentations, or Complaint Songs of Workers,” price 1 penny. “G-d’s Festival” price one penny “Lopatin’s Life History” and “The Suing of 21 Nihilists in Petersburg,” price 2 pence with postage 2 1/2 p. Agents receive the usual discount


The New York Jewish Folks Newspaper A weekly workers’ paper price: 2 ½ pence To get this from the London agent [contact] M. Weidenfield 51, Christian St. Commercial Rd., London, E


The “Worker’s Friend” Printing Office