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Jack the Ripper - The Great Victorian Mystery

The Casebook Wiki is pleased to announce the North American release of Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story on October 27th 2011.

The trailer can be found here :

And ticketing information here:

Welcome to Wiki: Jack the Ripper, a new experiment in bringing together Ripperological information on the web where the content is directly controlled by Ripperologists from around the world. The goal is to have a central repository where new information can be added, updated and, when necessary, corrected through collaborative effort.

Initially, we will focus on specific types of pages as we test out the new environment and software, and to keep things relatively simple. As time progresses and we receive more and more user feedback we will extend this to other aspects of the case, and also allow users to create new pages on topics that are of interest to them and not yet represented in the wiki.


The Wiki: Jack the Ripper has all entries divided into specific categories to make searching for themes/individuals easier.

The Wanted List

  • You can easily access a list of topics/pages for which content is still required by CLICKING HERE.


If you would like to participate in the wiki community, please create an account. You will need to be manually approved before you can add or edit content. If you have any questions, please email Wiki --at--

If you are new to wiki-formatting, you can read up on the most commonly used markup tags here.