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Christopher T. George has served as an editor for Ripperologist magazine since 2003. A past editor of the U.S. Ripper magazine, Ripper Notes, he helped organize the first American Jack the Ripper convention in Park Ridge, New Jersey, in April 2000. In addition, Chris is the lyricist and co-writer for Jack the Musical: The Ripper Pursued, written with French composer Erik Sitbon. His latest article on the Ripper case, “Marlande Clarke, Florence Gerald, and the First Jack the Ripper Plays” appeared in Ripperologist no. 119, March 2011. By profession, Chris is a medical editor in Washington, D.C., and lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife Donna. In addition to being a Ripperologist, Chris is recognized as a War of 1812 historian. His book, Terror on the Chesapeake: The War of 1812 on the Bay was published by White Mane Publishing Company in 2001.