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Witness (though not called to Elizabeth Stride's inquest).

A labourer of 11 Chapman Street, Whitechapel, who with J. Best apparently saw Elizabeth Stride with a man leaving the Bricklayer's Arms at about 11.00pm on 29th September 1888.

From the Evening News article:

Gardner corroborated all that Best said respecting the conduct of the man and the woman at the Bricklayers' Arms, adding "before I got into the mortuary to-day (Sunday), I told you the woman had a flower in her jacket, and that she had a short jacket. Well, I have been to the mortuary and there she was with the dahlias on her right side of her jacket.


She is the woman I saw at the Brickayers' Arms and she has the same smile on her face now that she had then.[1]

For more detail regarding the sighting, see J. Best.


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