24 September Letter

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Letter dated 24th September 1888 which is the earliest officially recognised communication from somebody claiming to be the Whitechapel Murderer. The letter was in an envelope addressed:

on her majesty's service

Sir Charles Warren

Commissioner of


Scotland Yard


sep 24 1888

Dear sir

I do wish to give myself up I am in misery with nightmare I am the man who committed all these murders in the last six months my name is so [drawing of coffin] and so I am horse slauterer and work at Name [blacked out] address [blacked out]

I have found the woman I wanted that is chapman and I done what I called slautered her but if any one comes I will surrender but I am not going to walk to the station by myself so I am yours truly [drawing of coffin]

Keep the Boro road clear or I might take a trip up there


[drawing of knife]

of knife

this is the knife that I done these murders with it is a small handle with a large long blade sharpe both sides


See Letters From Hell; Stewart P Evans, Keith Skinner (Sutton 2001)