Arthur Sharp

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Police Constable Arthur Sharp, 522J.

Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

Appeared on the third day of the Coles inquest, stating that:

"I received information of the murder about 3 o'clock on Friday morning, the 13th inst. About 3:30 I was on duty in the Whitechapel-road when I saw a man, having the appearance of a sailor, going along. There was blood on his face, so I stopped him and asked him what had he been doing, and he replied, "I have fallen down. I was drunk and I knocked my nose on the pavement and also hurt my ribs." He seemed to be recovering from the effects of drink. I passed my hand over his clothes to feel if he had any weapon about him, but could find none. The man said he would go to the hospital, which was right opposite, and he went across the road in that direction. I have since identified the man as Thomas Sadler."[1]


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