Breezer's Hill

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St. George-in-the-east, London E1.

Short, narrow hill running between The Highway (formerly Ratcliffe Highway and St. George Street) and Pennington Street. Its west side was lined with the wool warehouses of Gooch & Cousens and on the east side were a number of small dwellings, numbered 1 to 5[1]. Two pubs were situated on the street; 'The White Bear' on the north east corner at 1 St. George Street and on the 'Red Lion' on the south east corner at 60 Pennington Street[2].

Mary Jane Kelly apparently lodged at 1 Breezer's Hill with a Mrs. Carthy (almost certainly Mrs. Mary McCarthy[3]). According to Mrs. Carthy, Kelly left her lodgings in late 1886, but returned briefly some time after[4].

Breezer's Hill still exists and has warehouses on both sides.


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