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Police Sergeant Eli Caunter, CID.

Born c.1852, Devon. Joined Metropolitan Police 1872, warrant no.55750[1]. Nicknamed 'Tommy Roundhead'. Married Susan (b.1859, Pimlico, London) in Chelsea in 1883 and had two daughters, Elizabeth (b.1884) and Jane (b.1888)[2].

Sgt. Caunter located Mary Ann Connelly on 12th August 1888 after she had gone missing prior to attending an identity parade at the Tower of London two days previously[3].

Along with Sgt.Leach, he brought Jane Gillbank and her daughter to the Tower to identify the soldiers she had seen Martha Tabram with on the Sunday prior to her murder, however the two women failed to pick anybody out[4].

Eli Caunter eventually moved to Tottenham in north London[5] and died in 1908[6].


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