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Witness at Frances Coles' Inquest.

Also referred to as Ellen 'Callagher'.

A prostitute lodging at 3 North East Passage, Cable Street, St George-in-the-East. Appearing on the fifth day of the inquest, she stated:

"I know the deceased woman, Frances Coles. I have known her for five years. I remember Thursday, the 12th inst., and saw her drinking with Sadler. I next saw her at 6 o'clock, and she was still with Sadler. At 1:30 a.m. I saw her again by the Princess Alice."

She was asked how she could ascertain the times of her sightings, to which she replied:

"She told me she had been turned out of Shuttleworth's, where she had been having something to eat. I went by the publichouse clock. I walked up Commercial-street towards the Minories with her, and asked her what she was going to do. A man spoke to me. He was a very short man, with a dark moustache, shiny boots, and blue trousers, and had the appearance of a sailor. It was not Sadler. Because I would not go with him he punched me and tore my jacket. Frances was about three or four yards away at the time. We were both just getting over drunkenness. He went and spoke to Frances then, and I said, "Frances, don't go with that man, I don't like his look." She replied, "I will," and I then said, "If you are going with that man I will bid you goodnight." I left them at the bottom of Commercial-street going towards the Minories, and I went to Theobald's lodging-house, Brick-lane. I watched them till they turned round by the publichouse into White-street. I first heard of the murder on Friday at 5 a.m., and in consequence of advice I went to Leman-street Police-station and stated what I knew. I was then taken to the mortuary and identified the body as that of Frances."'

"I have never told any one that it was 3 in the morning when I saw Frances with a man. I made a second statement to the police, and I then said it was a mistake. It was not 3 o'clock. I had been drinking with Frances on and off all the day. The deputy at Theobald's lodging-house could tell the time I arrived there."

Callagher was asked if she had found out this time from the deputy and she replied that she had - she arrived at Theobald's at about 2.00am.[1]


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