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Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

Constable at the London Docks who appeared at the thrid day of the inquest. He stated:

"On the morning of Friday, the 13th inst., I was on duty at St. Katherine Docks. At 1:20 I went to the main gate to search some dock labourers as they were leaving the London Docks. The gate-keeper said, "I have got a drunken fireman outside," and I then saw a man sitting in the gateway. I ordered him away. Some labourers were going out, and they and the man got scuffling in the road. I went into the dock, and did not see what became of the man. On Sunday I went to Leman-street Police-station and picked out Sadler as the man I had seen at the dock gate."[1]


  1. Inquest report, The Times, 21st February 1891