Louis Diemshitz

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Louis Diemshitz commonly known as Louis Diemschutz was a Russian Jew born c1862. He was a street salesman of cheap jewellery and was also steward of the International Working Men’s Educational Club at 40 Berner Street and lived on the premises with his wife.

In his witness testimony, Diemschitz claimed to have not noticed the position of her hands and yet in a subsequent press interview, stated that "her hands were clenched, and when the doctor opened them I saw that she had been holding grapes in one hand and sweetmeats in the other".

In March 1889 Diemschitz was sentenced along with Isaac Kozebrodsky to three months hard labour for his part in an affray when local residents in Berner Street attacked the Club. The club members fought policemen whom they had summoned, believing them to be reinforcements for their assailants.