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Post Office Directory of London, 1888, Street Directory

PDF files containing scans for different initial letters, provided by protohistorian. (N.B. the site can be a bit temperamental, but all the files should be accessible. Free registration is available if required. Further guidance and discussion can be found on this Casebook discussion thread.)

Historical Streets Project (Your Archives, National Archives)

Online collection, in progress, of street indexes to the censuses of England and Wales for 1841-1871 and 1891. For some reason there is a separate page listing street indexes for 1881.

New York City Databases (German Genealogy Group)

Indexes of births, marriages and deaths in New York City (and New York State). Also indexes of naturalisations in New York State. Nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Fire insurance maps and plans (Goad Plans) (British Library)

To find the plan covering a particular area, visit the Georeferencing map, zoom in to the region of interest, click on the nearest red dot and then click on 'View this map in ... Online gallery'.