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Known as 'Mrs. Sodeaux'.

Born c. 1838 in Bethnal Green.

Resident of 65 Hanbury Street who committed suicide on the morning of 11th October 1888. She was the wife of John Sodo, a silk weaver and had six children[1], the family living on the top floor of No. 65. According to the press:

For some time Mrs. Sodeaux [sic] has been depressed, and since the perpetration of the Whitechapel murders she has been greatly agitated. On Sunday a razor was taken from her, as it was thought she meditated suicide. On the following day she appeared to be more cheerful, and was left with her child. On Wednesday, however, she left her room, saying she was going on an errand, but when some time had elapsed and she did not return, her daughter went in search of her, and found her hanging from a rope attached to the stair bannisters. The child ran for assistance, and eventually the police were called in and the body cut down. Life was then extinct.[2]

The child mentioned in the report would be the youngest daughter Ada, born in 1880. John Sodo died on 6th October 1889[3]


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