Robert Golding

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Police Sergeant Robert G Golding.

Born c.1847 in Purton, Wiltshire. Married to Maria Keep (b.1847) with six children. In 1881 he was living in Enfield, Middlesex and was listed as 'Inspector of Police'[1].

With another Police Constable, discovered the body of Rose Mylett in Clarke's Yard, Poplar High Street at about 4.00am on the 20th December 1888. He went to fetch Dr. Matthew Brownfield. He impressed Dr. Robert Anderson as being "an exceptionally safe and reliable witness" and his statements helped convince Anderson that Mylett was not murdered.[2]

Sergeant Golding had retired by 1891 and ten years later was working as a 'timekeeper at warehouse' in East Ham.[3]


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