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Police Constable Walter Frederick Stride, 385W (Clapham division)

Witness at Elizabeth Stride's inquest.

Born c.1857 in Sheerness, Kent and was the nephew of John Stride, Elizabeth's former husband. He was the son of John's younger brother Charles (b.1825).

In 1861 he was recorded as living at 6 Stride Row, Short St, Minster in Sheppey, Kent,[1] and in 1871 at 'Westminster Private House', Minster, Kent.[2]

Married Sarah Mercer, c.1877 at Mile End, London and had four children (born between 1878 and 1886)[3].

Joined Metropolitan Police in 1878 (warrant no.62349).

On the final day of the Stride inquest, he testified that he recognised the body of the deceased from the mortuary photographs as being that of a woman who had married his uncle, c.1872-3 (it was actually 1869). He described his uncle as a carpenter and that when he last saw him, John was living in East India Dock Road, Poplar.[4]

In 1901 he was living at 77 Mitcham Rd, Croydon, Surrey, where he is listed as being a Metropolitan Police Constable[5]. Retired from service, 1902.[6]


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