Wesley Edwards

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Sergeant Wesley Edwards, 7H.

Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

Born c.1864 in Kelsale, Suffolk. Married to Margaret (b.1866). In 1891 they were living at 49 Senrab Street, Stepney.

Attending the third day of the Coles inquest, PS Edwards, referring to the morning of 13th February 1891, stated:

"On the early morning of Friday week I was on duty on the Mint pavement. Shortly before 2 o'clock a man, whom I have since identified as Sadler, came up to me and said he had been assaulted by some men at the dock gates. I walked with him about 30 yards in the direction of the Minories, and when opposite Lockhart's Coffee Rooms I examined his ribs, but could not say they were broken. I parted from him soon after the clock struck 2, and it would take him about three minutes to walk from there to the scene of the murder. It was not more than two or three minutes past 2."[1]

Wesley Edwards was later promoted to Police Sergeant 3HR (reserve)[2]. He later had two children, Ifor Rees (b.1897) and Emrys James (b.1900). By 1901 the family were living in Eltham.[3]


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