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Over 120 years since the so-called "Autumn of Terror", and the first crime to make its way into the pages of the "Whitechapel Murder File" (the murder of Emma Elizabeth Smith), public hunger for fact, analysis, theory and discussion of events in London's East End during 1888 continues apace. Nowhere is this more acutely seen than in the sheer number of publications which the subject continues to inspire. It has been claimed by at least one television documentary[1] that there have been more books written about the crimes of "Jack the Ripper" than about the lives and careers of every president of the USA combined, a claim since reported as fact on several websites[2]; however this would appear to be an exaggeration, given that a search with just one online bookseller for the words 'Lincoln' and 'Assassination' alone yields over 4,000 results[3]. Nevertheless, activity in the field remains strong - whilst a great deal of 'Ripper' related literature was written and published around the centenary period (1988), even in 2011 at least 19 non-fiction titles were published directly relating to the case[4]. A wholly separate industry of "Ripper" fiction has also developed, as well as a wide range of periodicals publishing the latest in research and opinion on a regular basis.

This page will develop into a complete listing of published works relating to the "Jack the Ripper" case, be they fiction, non-fiction or perioicals. To this end, the listing currently held here [1] will eventually be wholly transferred here, and all future publications will have their reviews published as part of the Wiki. In time, the listing will also become searchable by year of publication, subcategories (ie. suspect based, victim focused), key themes (in line with the existing Casebook index, [2]) and will also be searchable by major authors. Please bear with us during this transition, and if you feel you could contribute to this, or any aspect of the ongoing Wiki development, please register and feel free to assist.