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Witness (though not called to Mary Jane Kelly's inquest).

Flower seller living in Miller's Court with her husband David. Although not widely quoted in the press, Pickett apparently heard Mary Kelly singing from her room at about 12.30am, 9th November 1888. The singing began to irritate Catherine who decided to go and complain, however she was stoppped by her husband.

"If it hadn't been for my Dave - that's my old man you must know - I should have come out of my room and caught the whitelivered villain! But Dave says to me , you just leave the woman alone so I stopped where I was - worst luck for the poor dear soul! - and goes to bed..."[1]

Later that morning, at about 7.30am, Pickett got up to go to the market; as it was raining and cold, she decided to borrow a shawl off Mary Kelly and knocked at her room, but there was no reply. Assuming Kelly to be asleep, she went on her way.[2]

Apparently, the song Kelly was singing was 'A Violet from Mother's Grave' which was also heard by Mary Ann Cox; it has contributed to the legends of Mary Kelly's last night.


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