Emily Ruth Chapman

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Emily Ruth Chapman, c.late 1870s. Chapman family/Neal Shelden.

Eldest daughter of John and Annie Chapman.

Born 25th June 1870 at 29 Montpelier Place, Knightsbridge.

A photograph of Emily Ruth (no.22610) was taken at Brompton Photographic Studio, Wood & Co, 190 Brompton Road, London SW, some time in the late 1870s.It is also around this time that she was believed to have started having epileptic fits.

Died 26th November 1882 of meningitis, after five days of suffering. The death was witnessed by Caroline Aylesbury (possibly the nanny), though it is not clear whether John or Annie were present.

Apparently, Annie's sister, Mirium, blamed Emily's death on Annie's drinking habits as well as the reason for the disabled condition of son John Alfred Chapman. She also claimed that Annie had had eight children altogether, but five were stillborn, again the result of intemperate habits.