John Alfred Chapman

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Only son of John and Annie Chapman.

Born 21st November 1880 at Water Oakley, Bray, Berkshire.

John Alfred was born a cripple. Annie's sister blamed his condition on his mother's drinking and that she had actually had eight children in all. That five were stillborn was also blamed on Annie's alcohol problems.

The 1881 census reveals that Annie and the three children were living (temporarily) with her mother at 29 Montpelier Place, Knightsbridge at the time, possibly so that John Alfred could benefit from medical attention in London. It is also alledged that he was placed in a charitable school in Windsor where he would occasionally be visited by his mother.

By 1891, John Alfred was living back at Montpelier Place along with his sister Annie Georgina Chapman and on the 1901 census was recorded as being paralysed from infancy, however the extent or nature of his disabilities are unknown.

Unlike his sisters, there are no known photographs of him.


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