Frederick Oxley

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Dr. Frederick John Oxley.

Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

Born c.1864. Lived at 1 Dock Street, Whitechapel with is father and younger sister[1]

Dr. Oxley was called to the body of Frances Coles by PC Frederick Hyde soon after 2.15am, 13th February 1891. He arrived at the scene within ten minutes of being called, having been in bed at the time. According to Hyde, Coles was still alive when Dr. Oxley arrived.[2]

At the inquest he merely described the position of Coles' body in Swallow Gardens and also added that he did not believe a drunken man could have inflicted the wounds[3]. He also stated that the knife which Duncan Campbell allegedly bought from James Sadler on the morning of the murder was not sufficiently long or sharp enough to produce such injuries.[4]


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