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Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

Police constable employed by the London Docks. Appeared at the third day of the Coles inquest and in regard to the behaviour of James Sadler on the morning of the murder, stated:

"On Friday morning a fireman came to the gate and said he wanted to get to his ship. I let him in and then saw he was drunk. His face was scratched and dirty, as if the man had been on the ground. I asked him what he had been doing, and he said he had got into a row in Brick-lane. I turned him out of the dock as I did not think he was in a fit state to be allowed to go to his ship. Some labourers went out at the gate, and I heard the man insult them and call them "rats." One of the labourers struck him in the ribs and he fell. He got up and went in the direction of the Minories. I did not see anything more of him."[1]


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