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Witness at the inquest of the 'Pinchin Street Torso'.

A carman living at 10 Annibal Place, Annibal Street, employed by Smither's of Well Street, Whitechapel. He appeared on the second day of the inquest, 24th September 1889:

A policeman called me at 5 o'clock, and I am always called in that manner. When there is a change of policemen they continue to call me. I have to be at work at half-past 5. On the morning of the 10th inst. I left home at 25 minutes to 6. As I was coming round Phillip-street into Pinchin-street I saw a man, who had the appearance of a tailor, standing at the corner of Pinchin-street. The man appeared as though he was waiting to go to work. I saw no one else until I got to the arch where the body was lying. I there saw an inspector and an officer in plain clothes. At that time the body had been found.[1]


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