Margaret Cheeks

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Witness at Alice McKenzie's inquest.

Also known as 'Mog' Cheeks.

Lodger at Mr. Tenpenny's Lodging House, Gun Street, Spitalfields. At 3.30am, 17th July 1889, the lodging house deputy Elizabeth Ryder went into the kitchen to see if McKenzie and Cheeks had come back after going out the previous evening. Neither had returned by this time.[1]

Margaret Cheeks appeared at the second day of the inquest on 18th July, stating:

"I generally live at 52, Gun-street. I am married, and my husband's name is Charles Cheeks, when he is with me. He is a bricklayer and has not been living with me for three years. I knew the deceased from living in the same house. I saw her on Tuesday morning getting her husband's breakfast. I have not seen her since."[2]

Apparently, she had been staying with her sister during the period of her absence.[3]


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