Moab & Midian Letter

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Alleged communication received from the Whitechapel Murderer which arrived at the Central News Agency on 5th October 1888. Thomas Bulling transcribed the letter in a communique to Metropolitan Police Chief Constable Adolphus Williamson on the same day.


Dear Mr Williamson

At 5 minutes to 9 oclock tonight we received the following letter the envelope of which I enclose by which you will see it is in the same hadwriting as the previous communications.

"5 Oct 1888

Dear Friend

In the name of God hear me I swear I did not kill the female whose body was found at Whitehall. If she was an honest woman I will hunt down and destroy her murderer. If she ['was an honest woman' deleted] was a whore God will bless the hand that slew her, for the women of of [sic] Moab and Midian shall die and their blood shall mingle with the dust. I never harm any others or the Divine power that protects and helps me in my grand work would quit for ever. Do as I do and the light of glory shall shine upon you. I must get to work tomorrow treble event this time yes yes three must be ripped. will send you a bit of face by post I promise this dear old Boss. The police now reckon my work a practical joke well well Jacky's a very practical joker ha ha ha Keep this back till three are wiped out and you can show the cold meat

Yours truly

Jack the Ripper"

Yours truly

T.J. Bulling[1]

Reception & Opinion

The 'Jack the Ripper' signature in this letter was the third occurrence of the name as far as the authorities were aware. The letter was given little publicity and it is not certain whether it was treated with any seriousness by the police. Only The Star gave mention of it:

The Agency declares that a third communication has been received, which it is deemed prudent to withhold for the present.[2]


The actual letter itself has never surfaced and we only have Thomas Bulling's transcription to go on. The envelope (or any facsimile of it) has never been in the public domain and it is therefore impossible at present to ascertain if the writing is the same as the Dear Boss Letter. It has been suggested that this adds weight to the claims that Bulling was behind the previous Dear Boss Letter and Saucy Jacky Postcard.[3]


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