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Alleged former landlady of Mary Jane Kelly.

According to a report in The Star newspaper, Kelly resided with 'Mrs Buki' in one of the thoroughfares off St George Street (formerly Ratcliffe Highway) when she first came to the East End of London. Apparently, Mrs Buki accompanied Kelly to a French 'lady's' house in Knightsbridge to collect some of her belongings[1]. Kelly left Mrs Buki's to live at Mrs. Carthy's in Breezer's Hill.

Attempts by researchers to locate a 'Mrs Buki' in that district have proved inconclusive - the name appears not to exist at all. However a Mrs Matilda Buckey is recorded as living at 1 George Street (later St George Street) in 1881 with her husband Alfred and their three children, Alfred, Matilda and Walter.

Mrs Matilda Buckey died in the latter half of 1887, which could explain her unavailabilty to provide information after Kelly's death; however, although she was living in the right area around the right time (and indeed was the only individual fitting those criteria in the census information), there is nothing to confirm that Mrs Buckey was indeed 'Mrs Buki'.[2]


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