Phillip Harris

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Lodger at 19 George Street at the time of the attack on Annie Farmer, 20th November 1888. A press report the following day stated that:

About half past nine Harris was sitting in the kitchen eating his breakfast when he saw a man come from the room and hurriedly leave the house. About the same time the woman, who is known as "Dark Sarah", came downstairs, and Harris observed that her throat was cut, and that she was bleeding profusely. Harris, in an interview with a representative of the Press Association, said:-

"I saw what was the matter, and several of us rushed out of the house and pursued the man, who, we were told, had gone up Thrawl street. We saw him running before us; but when we got to the corner of Brick lane we lost sight of him. He was about 5 feet 6 inches in height, and wore a thick black moustache. I noticed that he had an overcoat with a cape on it, but I did not see anything in his hand." [1]


  1. "Attempt to murder a woman in Whitechapel today. Pursuit of the criminal", St. James Gazette, 21 November 1888.