Sarah Colwell

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Also known as Colville[1]

Resident of Honey's Mews, Brady Street, which lies about 120 yards from Buck's Row[2]. She told the press that at the time the murder of Mary Ann Nichols was allegedly committed, she heard a woman running along Brady Street shouting "murder, police!". Mrs. Colwell stated that she could only hear the one set of footsteps, despite being sure that the woman was running away from someone.[3]

Another press account has it that Mrs. Colwell was woken by her children who said that somebody was trying to gain entry to the house. This time, the scream of "Murder! Police!" was heard five or six times, gradually fading away. The shouts seemed to be going in the direction of Buck's Row[4].

The generally accepted time of this incident is 12.00am, making it unlikeley that it was the screams of Mary Ann Nichols whose body was still warm in places upon its discovery at 3.40am.

It appears that nobody came forward to identify themself as the woman involved.


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