Thomas Robinson

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Witness at Frances Coles inquest.

Born c.1865 in Whitechapel. A Marine Store dealer living at 4 Dock Street with his wife Selina, their two children and his mother.[1]

Robinson was able to corroborate the testimony of Duncan Campbell regarding the sale of James Sadler's knife on the morning of 13th February 1891. Robinson said that when he saw the knife he commented that it looked like "Jack the Ripper's knife". The Coroner (probably rather flippantly) replied "so you have seen Jack the Ripper's knife?"

It was mentioned that the knife was very blunt. Robinson cut up his dinner with it the following Sunday, but not before he was moved to sharpen it on a whetstone - "I could not have cut the bread and meat with it before I sharpened it."[2]


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