6 October Letter

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The threatening 6th October letter.

Postcard apparently found on the ground between Princess Road and Selhurst Railway Station, Surrey[1].


You though your-self very clever I reckon when you informed the police. But you made a mistake if you though I dident see you. Now I known you know me and I see your little game, and I mean to finish you and send your ears to your wife if you show this to the police or help them if you do I will finish you. It no use your trying to get out of my way. Because I have you when you dont expect it and I keep my word as you soon see and rip you up. Yours truly Jack the Ripper.

At right angles to the main body of text was written:

PS You see I know your address


Some have assumed (by the threatening nature of the communication) that this postcard was intended for a witness following the 'Double Event' and that the witness in question was either Israel Schwartz or Joseph Lawende. This remains conjecture.

What is more striking is that the handwriting strongly resembles that of the 'Dear Boss Letter'.


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