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Witness at Martha Tabram's inquest.

Born Alfred George Crow, c.1867 in Whitechapel[1], cab driver (No.6.600) and resident of 35 George Yard Buildings.[2]

Crow claimed to have seen a body (presumably Tabram's) on the first floor landing of George Yard Buildings at 3.30am, 7th August 1888, as he returned from his evening out. However, he paid no attention as it was apparently common to find strangers sleeping there. He was unable to say whether the person was alive or dead. He got up at 9.30am and had heard no noise whilst he was in bed.[3]

In 1891, Alfred was living with his parents, George and Martha (nee Mallendine) in Lolesworth Buildings, Thrawl Street[4]. By 1901, Alfred had moved out[5].


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