Edward Delaforce

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Edward Gerard Delaforce, also known as Edward Delaforce Gray.[1]

Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

Deputy superintendent at the shipping office on Tower Hill where at 10.30am, 13th February 1891, James Sadler presented an account for wages owed. The note was in the name of T. Sadler and amounted to £4 15s. Delaforce noticed some blood on the back of the paper, Sadler explaining that he had been in a row in Thrawl Street, Spitalfields, and that he had been "knocked about by some old hags". He said he had been robbed of a watch valued at £2 10s.

Sadler said nothing else and after waiting in the office for 20 minutes, he was paid.[2]

Delaforce was recalled to the inquest where he produced the original articles of the S.S. Fez, showing that the ship left London on 24th December 1890, arriving back on the 11th February. The signatures of Thomas Sadler, fireman, showed when he signed on and off.[3]


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