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Elder sister of Catherine Eddowes.

Born Elizabeth Eddowes c.1838 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Married Charles Fisher at St. Paul's Church, Bermondsey on 21st September 1857[1]. Together they had nine children - Elizabeth (b.1858), Charles (1860), Harriet (1862), Eliza (1864), Joseph (1866), Amelia (1868), Thomas (1869), Alfred (1872) and Robert (1876). At the time of Catherine's death, the family were residing at 33 New Hatcliffe Street, Greenwich, where they had been for at least seven years.[2]

According to a press interview, Elizabeth blamed Catherine's separation from Thomas Conway on his occasional violent behaviour:

"My sister left Conway because he treated her badly. He did not drink regularly, but when he drew his pension they went out together and it generally ended in his beating her".[3]

Elizabeth Fisher attended Catherine's funeral (accompanied by sisters Harriett Jones, Emma Eddowes and Eliza Gold, as well as neices Emma and Harriett Jones and John Kelly) on 8th October[4]. In 1891 the family (less the six eldest children who had by now left home) were still living in Greenwich at 33 Commerell Street.[5]


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