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Witness at Mary Ann Nichols' inquest.

Mrs. Green, a widow, lived at New Cottage, Buck's Row with her daughter and two sons. Her bedroom (which she shared with her daughter) was at the front of the house, almost overlooking the murder site. She and her daughter had gone to bed at 11.00pm on the night of 30th August 1888 and the two sons had retired earlier at 9.00pm and 9.45pm respectively.

Nobody had heard anything unusual during the night, despite Mrs Green being a light sleeper. The first she heard of the incident was when she awoke to a knock at the door at 4.00am - she opened a window and was able to see several constables and other men, as well as the body, even though it was still not light.

It was her son, James, who washed the blood from the pavement with a bucket of water once Nichols' body had been taken to the mortuary.[1]


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