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Lodger at Satchell's Lodging House, 19 George Street. Gave a statement to the press regarding her involvement in the attack on Annie Farmer at the lodging house on 20th November 1888:

I sleep in the basement of the house, and was awoke this morning by a man who told me a murder had been committed. I ran upstairs and saw a woman lying down covered with blood. The deputy put a piece of rag round her throat, and I said, "Are you able to dress yourself?" She said she was not, so I dressed her. I then inquired, "Do you know the man?" She replied, "Yes; I was with him about twelve months ago, and he ill used me then."

She added that the man a black moustache, wore dark clothes and a hard felt hat and that she thought he was a saddler. Farmer also told her that the man made her drunk before he brought her to the lodging house.[1]


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