Florence Davis

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Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

Born c.1867 in Great Baddow, Essex[1].

Lived at the White Swan public house, Whitechapel High Street, where her father Frederick was the landlord. Appearing on the last day of the Coles inquest, she deposed:

"On Wednesday, the 11th inst., I remember a man and a woman coming to the house about 12 o'clock. I served them, and the man bought half a pint of whisky, which he took away in a bottle. On Friday morning, the 13th of February, in consequence of something said to me by the barmaid, I looked into the bar, and there saw the man I believe I saw on the previous Wednesday. I have seen the body of the dead woman and also the man Sadler, and I recognize both as the woman and man I saw in the public house."[2]


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