White Swan

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Public House situated at 20 Whitechapel High Street.

The White Swan was on the south side of Whitechapel High Street and is believed to have been in existence by 1746. In 1888 the landlord was Frederick Davis who had owned it for 10 years by this time. In 1841 it was known as the 'Swann Inn'[1].

At about 11.00pm 6th August 1888, Ann Morris saw Martha Tabram (her sister-in-law) about to enter the pub[2].

On 12th February 1891, James Sadler bought a half-pint bottle of whiskey from Florence Davis at the White Swan, from which Frances Coles was later seen drinking. Sadler took the bottle back the following morning in return for which the barmaid gave him twopenny-worth of drink.[3]

The building appears to have stopped being a pub by the late 1930s[4] and by 1949 was a restaurant. It was possibly demolished in the 1960s.


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