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Police Constable George Neve, 101H.

Witness at Alice McKenzie's inquest.

Born c.1851, Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk and married to Lucy (b.1852, Suffolk), no children[1]. Joined Metropolitan Police in 1874, warrant no.58279[2].

PC Neve was ordered by Sergeant Edward Badham to go from Commercial Street to Castle Alley at about 12.55am, 17th July 1889, following the murder of Alice McKenzie. PC Neve appeared on the first day of the inquest, 17th:

About five minutes to 1 I met the sergeant in Commercial-street. He said, "Hurry up into Castle-alley. There has been a murder done; go and search all round." I searched all round, but did not find anything. It was all quiet. I then went into Castle-alley, to where the body was lying. I searched the conveyances in Castle Alley and looked over the hoarding, but could see no trace of any one about. I saw no one move and heard no sound.

[Coroner] Did you know the deceased? - I have known her about the place for 12 months, and have seen her the worse for drink.

[Coroner] Have you ever seen her about at night? - Between 10 and 11 o'clock. It was my opinion she was a prostitute. I have seen her talking to men. I have seen her in Gun-street, Brick-lane, and Dorset-street. I did not know where she lived. I had not seen her before that evening. In fact, I had not seen her for about a fortnight.</ref>Inquest report, The Times, 18th July 1889</ref>

After retiring from the Police, George Neve moved with his wife to Hertfordshire, where he bacame the keeper of 'The Woodman Inn' in Amwell.[3]


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