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Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

A fish-porter residing at 91 Wentworth Street, working at Shuttleworth's eating house at 4 Wentworth Street (an establishment run by James and Annie Shuttleworth). He appeared on the fourth day of the inquest:

"In the early part of this month I was working for Mr. Shuttleworth. I knew as a frequent customer there a woman known as Frances. I identify the body in the mortuary as that of Frances. About 1:30 on the morning of the 13th she came into the shop and asked for 1d. worth of mutton and bread. She was served, and sat in the shop and ate it. She paid for it with a penny and two halfpennies. She was in the shop about a quarter of an hour, and I had to ask her to go, as we wanted to shut the door. She told me to mind my own business. I took her by the arm and put her out of the shop. I saw her turn to the right towards Brick-lane.

"I am sure it was half-past 1 when she came in and a quarter to 2 when I turned her out. There is a clock in the shop. She left alone. The customers in the shop were all women. She was tipsy. "

Haswell was questioned about the accuracy of the clock at Shuttleworth's - he said it was put right about once a week as it tended to lose a quarter-hour every week. It had last been put right on the Tuesday (i.e. three days) before. He qualified its accuracy at the time of Coles' visit by saying that it was timed by the public house clock at 11.00pm the previous evening.[1]

Frances Coles had previously been to Shuttleworth's with James Sadler during the early evening of 12th February.


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