Joseph Richards

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Witness at Frances Coles' inquest.

Born c.1853 in Whitechapel. Coffee house manager of 19 Whitechapel Road. On the third day of the Coles inquest, Richards stated that at about 4.05am, 13th February 1891, a man (identified as James Sadler) entered his shop. The man had a cut over his right eye and also on the left side of the head. He also had a slight cut on his left hand and both hands had dried blood on them.

Sadler asked for a cup of coffee, but had no money as he had been robbed of his watch and chain and purse. He took a piece of paper, stained with blood, out of his hat and showed it to Richards. It was an account for wages. Sadler then tried to sell Richards some tobacco, but was refused. Sadler was sent out at about 4.15am.[1]


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