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Detective Sergeant Robert Outram

Born 1845 in Westerham, Kent. Originally a journeyman baker[1], he joined the City Police in 1865. He was allocated to plain-clothes patrol in 1867. In 1876 he became a divisional detective and in May of that year was promoted to Detective Sergeant. Promoted to Detective Inspector in 1890[2].

Married to Rosetta with one son, Robert William (b.1868) living in Stoke Newington.

Outram had spent the night of 29th September 1888 searching various passageways in the City and was talking with Detectives Daniel Halse and Edward Marriott at the southern corner of Houndsditch when they received word of the murder of Catherine Eddowes in Mitre Square. All three proceeded immediately to the scene[3]. He was not called to the inquest.

After his retirement in 1895, Robert Outram was living with his family in Stoke Newington and was employed as a 'private enquiry agent'[4]


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