Baxter Hunt

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Detective Baxter Hunt.

Witness at Catherine Eddowes' inquest.

Born c.1845, Cambridgeshire. Married to Mary Jane[1] and later Abigail[2]. Joined City Police (warrant no.4088) in 1867, having transferred from the Metropolitan Police. Retired as Detective Inspector, 1895.[3]

Accompanied Detective Daniel Halse from Mitre Square to Leman Street Police Station on the morning of 30th September 1888. He later went to Goulston Street where he and other officers made enquiries at all the homes in Wentworth Dwellings.

Acting under instructions, he had discovered a man called Conway who belonged to the 18th Royal Irish. He confronted the man with two of Catherine Eddowes' sisters, but they were unable to identify him as Thomas Conway. Hunt had tried in vain to locate the real Conway (who had enlisted as Quinn in any case).[4]


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