Catherine Lane

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Witness at Elizabeth Stride's inquest.

A charwoman who was married to dock-labourer Patrick Lane; both had been living in the lodging house at 32 Flower and Dean Street since 11th February 1888.

She recognised the body of Stride in the mortuary and said that she had known her for seven years. She also knew her as 'Long Liz' and that she had been living at the same lodging house. Lane claimed to know a few details about Stride; that she was foreign, had lived in Devonshire Street, Commercial Road and that she was a widow. She had never heard Stride say anything about living in Poplar, however.

According to Catherine Lane's testimony, in the period prior to the murder, Stride had only been at the lodging house since Thursday 27th September 1888 and Lane saw her for the last time between 7.00 and 8.00pm on Saturday 29th September, in the lodging house kitchen. Stride was apparently wearing a black hat and a long jacket and gave Lane a piece of velvet to look after.

Elizabeth apparently had 6d on her which she had earnt by doing some cleaning for the lodging house deputy, Elizabeth Tanner. She did not tell Lane where she was going or whether she would be coming back or not and appeared sober. At the inquest, Catherine Lane could not say who would have harmed Stride as she did not appear to be afraid of anybody.[1]


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