Charles Bretton

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Witness (though not called to Mary Ann Nichols' inquest).

Also known as Britten[1] and Brittain[2].

Born 1859, Bolinger, Essex. In 1881 he was listed as a horse-keeper living at 25 Buck's Row, Whitechapel. Married to Susannah (b.1863, Stepney)[3].

Employee at Harrison Barber & Co, Horse slaughterers, Winthrop Street. At about 12.20am, 31st August 1888, Bretton and fellow worker Henry Tomkins left the slaughterhouse for a stroll to Wood's Buildings and returned to work at 1.00am. Bretton later accompanied Tomkins and James Mumford to see the body of Mary Ann Nichols in Buck's Row[4].

In 1891, Charles (described as a horse-slaughterer) and Susannah were living at 42 Winthrop Street, almost opposite the slaughterhouse[5]. By 1901 his wife Susannah is listed as single, working as a beer seller and living at 74 High Street, Bromley - it appears that Charles died in December 1899 in West Ham[6]. There are no records of the couple ever having children.[7]


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