Edward Johnston

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Witness at Elizabeth Stride's inquest.

Assistant to Dr. Frederick Blackwell and Dr. Kay, residing at 100 Commercial Road.

At about 1.05 or 1.10am on 30th September, Johnston received a call from Constable 436H. After informing Dr.Blackwell of the matter (he was in bed), he accompanied the constable to Dutfield's Yard where he was shown the body of Stride. There was a crowd of people and some police officers present. It was very dark in the yard, the only light coming from the police lanterns. Johnston gave his account to the inquest:

"I examined the woman and found an incision in the throat. The wound appeared to have stopped bleeding. I also felt the body to see if it was warm, and found it was all warm with the exception of the hands, which were quite cold. The dress was not undone, and I undid it to see if the chest was warm. I did not move the head at all, and left it exactly as I found it. The body was not moved while I was there. The knees were nearer to the wall than the head. There was a stream of blood reaching down to the gutter. It was all clotted blood. There was very little blood near the neck, as nearly all of it had run away in the direction away from the legs. As soon as Dr. Blackwell arrived I handed the case over to him".

He also noticed that the left hand was lying away from the body and the arm was bent and that the right arm was also bent. He did not notice the piece of paper in the left hand. Stride's bonnet was also lying beside her head. The gates were open on his arrival, but were closed shortly afterwards.[1]


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