Isaac Kozebrodsky

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Witness (though not called to Elizabeth Stride's inquest).

Also referred to as 'Isaac M Kozebrodski' and 'Isaacs'.

A young Pole (born in Warsaw) who spoke english imperfectly, he was called by Louis Diemschutz into Dutfield's Yard to view the body of Elizabeth Stride. In a press interview, Kozebrodsky stated:

"I was in this club last night. I came in about half-past six in the evening. About twenty minutes to one this morning Mr. Diemschitz called me out to the yard. He told me there was something in the yard, and told me to come and see what it was. When we had got outside he struck a match, and when we looked down on the ground we could see a long stream of blood. It was running down the gutter from the direction of the gate, and reached to the back door of the club. I should think there was blood in the gutter for a distance of five or six yards. I went to look for a policeman at the request of Diemschitz or some other member of the club, but I took the direction towards Grove-street and could not find one. I afterwards went into the Commercial-road along with Eagle, and found two officers. The officers did not touch the body, but sent for a doctor. A doctor came, and an inspector arrived just afterwards. While the doctor was examining the body, I noticed that she had some grapes in her right hand and some sweets in her left. I saw a little bunch of flowers stuck above her right bosom".[1]

Along with Diemschutz, Kozebrodsky was arrested during an affray at the International Working Men's Educational Club on 16th March 1889. Convicted of assaulting a police officer, Kozebrodsky was 'recommended to mercy' and ordered to pay a fine of £4 or face one month's imprisonment.[2]


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