Jonas Mizen

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Police Constable Jonas Mizen, 56H

Witness at Mary Ann Nichols' inquest.

Born 1848 in Radwinter, Essex. Originally a gardener based in Mitcham, Surrey[1], he joined the Metropolitan Police in 1873, warrant no.56678, serving in H-division (Whitechapel) throughout his career[2].

PC Mizen was on 'knocking up' duty in Hanbury Street at 4.15am on 31st August 1888 when he was approached by Charles Cross and Robert Paul. Cross said "you are wanted in Baker's Row" and after some explanation, Mizen went to Buck's Row where he found PC John Neil, some local residents and the body of Nichols. Mizen was sent by Neil to fetch the ambulance.

Mizen had assured the inquest that he did not continue 'knocking up' before going to Buck's Row[3].

He retired in 1898.


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