Lizzie Albrook

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Informant. Friend of Mary Jane Kelly.

Born c.1868, resident of Miller's Court who worked in a Common Lodging House.[1]

According to obviously syndicated interviews in the press, Lizzie Albrook was with Kelly at 13 Miller's Court on the evening of 8th November 1888. She left at about 8.00pm, following the arrival of Joseph Barnett.[2][3][4]

This short account calls into question the testimony given by Maria Harvey at Kelly's inquest.

Some of the articles in the press sources cited above also gave a brief, yet moving insight into the character of Mary Jane Kelly:

"About the last thing she said was, 'Whatever you do don't you do no wrong and turn out as I have.' She had often spoken to me in this way and warned me against going on the streets as she had done. She told me too, that she was heartily sick of the life she was leading and wished she had money enough to go back to Ireland where her people lived. I don't believe she would have gone out as she did if she had not been obliged to do so to keep herself from starvation. She had talked to me about her friends several times and on one occasion told me she had a female relation in London who was on the stage".


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