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Witness at Mary Jane Kelly's inquest.

A laundress who had stayed at 13 Miller's Court on the nights of 5th and 6th November 1888 before securing her own room at 3 New Court, Dorset Street.

According to her statement taken on 9th November, Harvey had last seen Kelly the previous evening, having visited her at No.13. She left when Joseph Barnett arrived at 6.55pm. She left an overcoat, two dirty cotton shirts, a boy's shirt, a girl's white petticoat and a black crepe bonnet in the room.[1]

In a press report the following day, Harvey's account was different in that it had Kelly visiting her in New Court:

"Harvey, however, took a room in New court, off the same street, but remained friendly with the unfortunate woman, who visited her in New court on Thursday night. After drinking together they parted at half past seven o'clock, Kelly going off in the direction of Leman street, which she was in the habit of frequenting. She was perfectly sober at the time. Harvey never saw her alive afterwards. Hearing in the morning that a murder had been committed, she said, "I'll go and see if it is anyone I know," and, to her horror, found that it was her friend".[2] This account was also reported elsewhere[3].

Although not called to the inquest, statements made to the press by Lizzie Albrook question Harvey's account of that evening, and appear to be confirmed by Joseph Barnett's inquest statement. See under individual entries for detail.

Maria Harvey attended Mary Kelly's funeral on 19th November.


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